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Each case contains four 4-piece place settings of the same Individual Collection such as Love (pictured here).


Description Item Number Price Purchase Quantity Add to Cart
100_d_thumb Faith Collection 3-100-P $312.00
110_d_thumb Wisdom Collection 3-110-P $312.00
120_d_thumb Salvation Collection 3-120-P $312.00
130_d_thumb Praise Collection 3-130-P $312.00
140_d_thumb Patriotic Collection 3-140-P $312.00
150_d_thumb Love Collection 3-150-P $312.00
160_d_thumb God's Promises 3-160-P $312.00
170_d_thumb Family & Children 3-170-P $312.00
180_d_thumb Psalms Collection 3-180-P $312.00
190_d_thumb Identity Collection 3-190-P $312.00
200_d_thumb Prosperity Collection 3-200 $236.00
No-image Prosperity Collection 3-200-P $312.00
210_d_thumb Health & Healing Collection 3-210-P $312.00
Dinnerpl_john1_thumb Grace Collection 3-220 $236.00
No-image Grace Collection 3-220-P $312.00
No-image Hope Collection 3-230-P $312.00
Dinnerpl_john16_thumb Joy Collection 3-240-P $312.00
Dinnerpl_james4_thumb Prayer Collection 3-250-P $312.00